Starcher Family Invites Information

This was sent to us in hopes of finding more family information.

In the late 1700’s Jacob Starcher moved his family to what is now modern day Jackson County from Pennsylvania. Over the following three decades as the Starchers multiplied they began populating Roane and Calhoun counties eventually settling into the neighboring counties of Clay, Wirt, Gilmer, Mason, Wood, Kanawha until most all of west central West Virginia felt their presence.

The Starcher married into the Tanner, Staats, Boohers, Mace, Nutter, Brannon, Blosser, Hinzman, Queen, Cogar and many more regional families. Over the years since, the Starchers moved north to Ohio, which for a long time has had the second largest population of Starchers only after West Virginia. Now they are spread all over the nation and in several foreign countries.

Cecil “Jerry” Starcher, a former resident of Spencer, has taken on the task of building an Internet website solely to record the Starcher Family Tree. The site has several thousand entries posted with more being added weekly but the surface has only been scratched.

As with all ongoing work the easy part is over and help is needed to continue growing the tree. Visit The Starcher Family website at and register. The only cost involved is contributing what one can about his or hers branch of the tree.

Starcher blood still flows freely through the veins of many in the region and help is sorely needed to continue the important work that many, believing in the effort, have made time to do.

If there are questions Cecil invites emails: or written material can be sent to The Starcher Family POB 555 Pinch, WV 25156-0555.